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We are back with an Offline Art Exhibition in Delhi from 12th -15th November 2021
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Past Events

Group Art Exhibition
14th - 17th Feb 2020, At Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi

The theme of the show was "LOVE". 35 Artists from All over India Displayed at the show.

Merakii Art House
Merakii Art House
India Art Festival Mumbai
9th - 12th January, 2020, At the Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai

Participated at the India Art Festival representing Merakii Art House in Nehru Centre, Worli at the Mumbai edition with 13 artists  



About us


Merakii Art House, as the word ‘Meraki’ means doing something with creativity, soul or love, is a one stop for all the art lovers –the ones who make art and the ones who adore art – under one roof. Art is a free spirit and can come to any one but not every ‘anyone' gets the chance to showcase their potential of love for the artist that might be budding inside them. All that ‘anyone' needs is a chance and a little appreciation. This is the time when Merakii Art House comes into play. Merakii Art House is not only an Art Organization, but an initiative to bring all the young and talented artists to showcase their artwork to the world. Well, if you are not young but still have that young artist inside you, we’re for you too. All we care about is the budding artist inside you who needs to showcase their magic of colors on the canvas. Art see no bar, and so do we. It doesn’t matter from which state you belong, what your age is, what qualifications you have, or what style of your art is.  Merakii Art House works to support real talent.