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Merakii Art House was founded in June 2017 with an aim to help artists with unique skills and talent. We focus on guiding and helping artists who have just started their journeys and embibing in them the correct knowledge about art. No matter what the age is if there is talent and enthusiasm we will guide you throughout. While curating exhibitions and organising camps we aim to make it a learning process for all the artists. Our goal is to help artists grow and help art grow in India.

About the Founder

Chandni Gulati, The founder of Merakii Art House is Graduated from College of Art, New Delhi.  She is a Visual Artist and curated Art Exhibitions In Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur. Keshav Malik Memorial awardee in college has also received a Gold medal from the International Women's Organisation (UNICEF) in 2010.

"I want to create an art friendly environment through my camps and exhibitions. All Artists have a different language in art and every thought they portray should be brought out to the world" 


Merakii Art House organised its first art exhibition in 2017, after which there are regular art shows, art camps and participation in prestigious art fairs.

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